Street performing or Busking is a live entertainement unlike any other. A street show draws its substance from its audience as many shows incorporate their acts around the actions of those watching the show. What makes busking even more unique is the fact that the audience decides the worth of the performance. There is never an admission fee and no tickets sold. 

The Sunsets at Pier 60 Festival welcomes street performers and is proud to support and cultivate this type of performance art in the Tampa Bay. On any given night, you may see a variety of acts including fire breathers, escape artists, magicians, stilt walkers, and much more.


 If you are interested in being a busker, please

e-mail dallasthefireguy@gmail.com for more information. 




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Sunsets at Pier 60 - Current Festival Hours: 5:30PM-9:30PM Daily
Sunsets at Pier 60